Ray Charles Video Museum
Ray Charles Video Museum

Ray Charles Video Museum

The Ray Charles Video Museum is a research project originally curated by Bob Stumpel, now managed by his son Cyd Stumpel.  It’s dedicated to “The Genius” Ray Charles, recognized as one of the most prolific and influential singers, songwriters, and pianists of all time. Stumpel has continued to grow an expansive library of video, imagery, and other media all about Ray Charles and his career. 

The video museum website has a clean, easy-to-navigate design that lets the work and spirit of Ray Charles sing (sometimes literally). There are plenty of moments of delight as visitors browse like randomized album covers that appear under the cursor and a side-scrolling timeline.

The Ray Charles Video Museum website is a work in progress, in the process of switching to WordPress from another blogging platform. Even so, it’s clear to see the level of creative freedom and design flexibility that Stumpel has gained by transferring his father’s legacy project to WordPress. And with the influence of jazz on Ray Charles’ musical style, it’s more than a fitting match.

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Published September 2023

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