The Noguchi Museum
The Noguchi Museum

The Noguchi Museum

The Noguchi Museum displays the life and works of multi-disciplinary artist Isamu Noguchi. It’s one of the first museums in the United States to be built and curated entirely by the living artist himself. Located in New York City, it continues to display the artist’s works and collected artifacts from his life in an atmosphere that encourages connection with the pieces and their surroundings. 

The Noguchi Museum’s website works as an extension of the physical museum. It offers visitors a calm digital space to learn more about Noguchi and the museum. It includes high-quality photographs, videos, and other archival materials that are easy to find and navigate through. Different sections provide details about the museum, collections, and ways to support it. The site also includes useful information, like a dynamic section at the top showing the museum’s current hours.

The site’s design emphasizes the artwork and the story of Isamu Noguchi. As visitors scroll, they’ll see visual references to the museum—whether it’s the greenery of the gardens or a naturally lit hallway—that create a subtle nod to wandering through the actual space. 

With WordPress as a working canvas, the Noguchi Museum transforms its mission into a complementary digital experience.

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Country United States
Published September 2023

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