An award-winning production house, Landia has a broad portfolio of work that spans all types of media. With offices across both hemispheres, the company is home to a collective of directors and producers who create visual masterpieces on behalf of some of the world’s most notable brands. 

Big, splashy, and instantly engaging, the Landia website is all about showing instead of telling. With a design anchored in the movement of film, there’s much to explore. Visitors are quickly immersed in the production company’s previous work, with just enough text to catch a title, brand, and production credit. 

The site is relatively simple in terms of content. It includes sections about the company, the team, and contact information, but the main purpose is to show the work. 

WordPress has come a long way from its roots as a simple blogging tool, and is a perfect example of that. They’ve used the platform’s flexibility to create a dedicated space that speaks the language of film and shows off what they can do.

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Published September 2023

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