Noma and its chef, René Redzepi, have made Nordic cuisine famous worldwide. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Noma became renowned for innovatively using local Nordic ingredients and providing unique dining experiences.

On the Noma website, visitors can preview what to expect from the Noma experience. They can also explore new projects, make reservations, follow social media accounts, and buy merchandise.

Websites are an integral part of brand storytelling. Noma’s site takes full advantage of the chance to tell its story, which has evolved a great deal over the years and now focuses on Noma Projects:

Restaurant Noma has lived many lives since opening in 2003. From our early days exploring Nordic cuisine to hosting pop-ups around the world to reopening the restaurant on the other side of Copenhagen, our team has spent nearly twenty years cooking, learning, traveling, and studying the world together.

Noma Projects is the beginning of a myriad of projects that will have food, deliciousness, and education at its core. From special pantry products to new media endeavors to environmental programs, Noma Projects aims to transform the restaurant’s collective knowledge, craft, and spirit into an engine for creative output and positive change.

The Noma site explores the brand’s legacy and its culinary innovations. It’s a world-class restaurant with a sumptuous website created on WordPress.

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Country Denmark
Published September 2023

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