PichiAvo is an internationally recognized duo of street artists, fusing the expressive scale of graffiti art with the technical precision of classical sculpture and painting. 

Originally from Valencia, Spain, their work can be spotted across continents, from the streets of Montreal, Canada to the canals of Gothenburg, Sweden. Some of their most notable accomplishments include being the first non-American artists featured on the Houston Bowery Wall in New York City, and their collaboration on one of the world’s largest murals in Porto, Portugal.

It’s no surprise that PichiAvo has translated the grand scale of their work into a website to match. Pichiavo.com’s design pairs a clean and simplistic look with full-width images and video elements that highlight the artwork on every page. The result is a dazzling visual display that makes a clear connection between the classic and contemporary—without sacrificing ease of use for its visitors. 

Their site’s navigation is straight to the point, with five sections to explore: works, news, about, contact, and shop. Each section has a dynamic way of delivering information, whether it’s with split views of images and text (like their news blog) or small tastes of animation (like the order buttons in their shop). 

PichiAvo has taken full advantage of the customizability of WordPress, creating a digital experience that lets visitors completely immerse themselves in the duo’s artistic vision.

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Published September 2023

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