Designmuseum Danmark
Designmuseum Danmark

Designmuseum Danmark

Designmuseum Danmark is a museum dedicated to the art and design of Denmark and around the world. Between its visiting exhibitions and permanent collections, it showcases a variety of works, from sculptures to artifacts. The museum regularly hosts workshops and creative learning opportunities for all ages, inviting anyone to explore and be inspired by Danish design. 

The Designmuseum Danmark website takes a contemporary approach to its look and feel, which is both minimal and dynamic. Bright colors, heavyweight fonts, and smooth scrolling create a well-crafted nod to the importance of design and the museum’s mission.

Visitors can quickly move from one section to another with a simple fixed site menu. It doesn’t detract from the rest of the content on the page unless it’s being directly interacted with. 

The website showcases a variety of information, including details about the museum’s operating hours and history, current exhibitions and permanent collections, its resource library initiative, and workshop schedules. Visitors can purchase tickets directly from the website thanks to a seamless WooCommerce integration. 

Designmuseum Danmark is a significant feature of Danish arts and culture, and its website—all built in WordPress—offers visitors a taste of quality design even before they step into the space.

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Country Denmark
Published September 2023

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