Art Gallery of Ballarat
Art Gallery of Ballarat

Art Gallery of Ballarat

The Art Gallery of Ballarat is a publicly owned and operated gallery in Victoria, Australia. It’s free for anyone to visit and houses an extensive collection of permanent artwork, hosts visiting exhibitions, and empowers the art community of Ballarat through cultural events and educational opportunities. Founded under the idea that the Gallery could be the center of social connection, learning, and inclusion, its manifesto remains unchanged:

Not for self but for all.

Art Gallery of Ballarat

The Art Gallery of Ballarat website invites visitors to engage with the Gallery’s collection immediately. The homepage is a true gallery wall of photos, each with its own title card that appears on hover when browsing on desktop. It transforms the browsing experience into a personal adventure as visitors uncover more about the artwork, the Gallery, and other programs. 

Along with information about the Gallery’s mission, working hours, and history, there are other unique interactive elements. For example, visitors can participate in curation by voting for the next piece to be hung. There are also long-form stories to accompany some of the featured paintings, making the site an extension of the Gallery. 

For the city of Ballarat, the Art Gallery of Ballarat is a space that creates an accessible common ground for anyone to encounter, explore, and enjoy art. It’s able to build a digital experience that lines up with this mission through the flexibility and priceless freedoms that come with WordPress.

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Country Australia
Published September 2023

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