Ubisoft Québec
Ubisoft Québec

Ubisoft Québec

Ubisoft Québec is one of several video game development studios Ubisoft Entertainment has opened in Canada. Located in the heart of Québec City, Ubisoft Québec is the creative and technology powerhouse behind some of the company’s most popular and storied gaming franchises, including Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

The Ubisoft Québec website is built as a hiring hub, to attract the province’s top-tier tech and gaming talent. It’s a snapshot of the culture, creativity, and innovation that drives the work happening behind the scenes. 

The site highlights the studio’s values, what it’s like to work there, open positions, and its partnerships with local organizations. Every piece of information fits into a design that feels fresh and eye-catching. It favors giant typography that grabs your attention and a mix of content displays like cards, quotations, and image galleries. 

The Ubisoft Québec site has a distinct purpose and executes it with the same flair and innovation it brings to its development projects. It’s all made easier with WordPress’ many capabilities—from design to content management.

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Country Canada
Published September 2023

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