Zoox is reimagining the future of personal transportation through its fleet of autonomous vehicles. Its vehicle design prioritizes comfort, safety, and sustainability and is built entirely with the passenger in mind. 

The Zoox website offers an almost cinematic experience, greeting visitors with full-screen videos and interactive 3D renderings. As visitors scroll through the experience, they can fully immerse themselves in the world that Zoox is creating. The high-quality photography and cinematography are complemented by a sleek design that echoes the future-focused brand. It’s both electric and calming at the same time. 

The site lets visitors get a feel for what it’s like to step into one of the driverless cars, shows details about its safety features, and explains the company’s mission and focus on innovation. Every page reinforces the feeling of movement, even as visitors scroll and navigate to different areas. 

Zoox is breaking the mold of what personal transport looks like, and its website—you bet it’s powered by WordPress—is doing the same.

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Published September 2023

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