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WordPress Social Networking

Social networking is a staple of the Internet in 21st century. Businesses and organizations around the world are now tapping into this behemoth to identify with its customers, and it’s important that your company does the same. When using WordPress it’s not as easy as just setting up an account, though. It takes expert coding and proper knowledge to implement the social networking aspect of things smoothly and efficiently. And that’s why we are here.


Open Source Social Networking Software


Here are two of the most common pieces of software we have dealt with when it comes to social media on WordPress-powered websites.


BuddyPress is a WordPress add-on that allows webmasters to operate a system by which they can easily organize and control their content, members, and what’s shared. Sharing capabilities generally eclipses that of Facebook, and that’s why it’s so popular.


Dolphin is a type of open source software that aids businesses in building a strong online community. Hundreds of features and customization options make this a great way to quickly create a social media outlet for your company.


What we Offer


Our expert coders are multi-skilled so they can offer a wide variety of services. And with these services they can guarantee you a strong and stable website each and every time. If any of these services or applications is what you want then get in contact with us today and we can provide you a quick estimate and a detailed plan for how we will accomplish the task at hand.


  • Site maintenance
  • Site optimization
  • Conceptualization
  • XHTML and Flash development
  • Development of powerful Backends to effectively manage the website
  • Dynamic and artistic designing of user interfaces


When you choose us to handle your social media needs in WordPress you’ll soon find that we provide the quality you deserve at rock bottom prices. Our belief is that every business deserves a quality website to keep their operations rolling, so that’s why we make sure that you get value for money.


If a comprehensive high class service for a rock bottom price is what you’re looking for then get in touch for your next project today!

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