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CNCIND has been designed and developed in wordpress platform. It was previously built into MODx Platform, the requirement was to convert the website into WP CMS for better flexibility and secutiry.


In order to move into wordpress platform a new WP theme was developed that meets all requirement to manage the website from the back-office. The most challenging part was that almost each section of the website had a different template design, to overcome this challenge and provide best flexibility Square One Team created different page templates for each of the pages of the website. The back-end administrator only needs to pick the right template from the template drop-down and publish the page.


Created a CCS / JS Dropdown Menus which are highly customized from the wordpress admin itself. New items can be added or edited, the apperance of the menus can be changed, over and above this the Number of Level can be selected for the drop-down menus.


There was a particular requirement from the client to display latest post from a particular category in a particular order. In order to acheive this functionality anbd can be used for future projects, we created a wordpress plugin which satisfies this functionality not only for a particular theme but can be used with any theme in wordpress.


Premium Slider Plugin was customized to meet the design of the website, loading time and to use with other javascript frameworks other then jQuery such as prototype.
In order to support SEO for the website SEO Ultimate Plugin has been used, with custom permalinks to support SEO Friendly URL’s.


The Website link here: CNCIND

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